3 Ways We Use Social Media To Source Candidates

As a talent partner to many different types of businesses, Abbertons continually invests and tests various methods and technologies in order to deliver the best possible result for our clients.  In this post I am going to provide an overview on our use of social media tools and tactics for the purposes of  the Candidate Attraction Campaign  (otherwise known as  lead generation campaign).

Social media provides opportunities for both 'one off' campaigns and ongoing relationship and brand building.  While Abbertons has strategies and tactics to utilise both, the following three 'functionalities'  have been implemented as tools that assist in building strong candidate pools for specific recruitment campaigns.


1. Social share buttons on job board postings

Like Seek and othe job boards, we have equipped our job board with social and email sharing buttons that make it easy for people to let their friends know about particular positions.

Another powerful tactic we recommend is that our clients and their team members tap into the power of their own networks by using these sharing features.

Social job share buttons


2. Apply with your social media profile functionality

We want to make it really easy for quality candidates to apply for your role.   To that end we have incorporated functionality on our job board that allows people to apply using either their Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ or  Indeed Profiles.

Applicants can apply using their social media profiles on both their computer and their mobile device (which usually does not carry a copy of their resume).  To that end we also incorporate a QR code in all print ads that will take the applicant directly to the application page on their mobile device where they can apply using a social media profile.

This functionality does NOT allow us to post anything to their social media accounts.

Social apply and share buttons1


3. Facebook Job Board

As you probably know, people who use Facebook tend to like to stay in Facebook. for that reason we have invested in setting up a jobboard that sits within our facebook site.

Social Media Facebook Jobboard


If you have any questions about these three components of our social media candidate attraction strategies please contact us on +61 7 4659 7111


by Scott Burton - Business Manager, Abbertons Human Resources.

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