Are you looking for a rewarding career working as part of a team of trusted advisors to employers and jobseekers?

...and would you like your rewards to reflect your results?

Career Paths

Depending on your level of experience you may start in one of the three roles Abbertons offers in the recruitment stream.

  1. Recruitment Support / Resourcer
  2. Talent Partner/Consultant
  3. Senior Talent Partner/Senior Consultant

As a Senior Talent Partner you will have the opportunity to build a team, diversify your range of consulting and specialise in recruitment sectors that are of interest to you.


Your Career as a Recruiter

Perhaps you have never thought about recruitment before, many of our best Consultants hadn't.  It's a great career for mature, smart, energetic people with a positive outlook who are passionate about the difference great people can make to an organisation.

You will have the opportunity to develop your career as a 'go to' person in the recruitment and labour hire industry and your day to day activities will include:

  • Business development
  • Account management
  • Marketing high calibre candidates to employers
  • Running 'best fit' recruitment projects

We know what it takes for you to be a success in this industry and we will assist you in achieving both company and personal goals and objectives.

What does it take to be successful?

  • Goal orientation and the daily drive to achieve
  • An outgoing nature and ability to build business relationships
  • Great time management
  • Confidence in dealing with business decision makers
  • Willingness to learn and continuously develop your skills and abilities
  • Willingness to monitor your performance and set the next goal
  • Resilience and a strong commitment to 'making it happen'
  • And of course, delivering successful recruitment projects for your clients

While we can assist you to learn and improve in most of the technical areas listed, you need to bring the personal characteristics and the desire for the role.

 Your Background:

You may be looking for more than what your current career is offering and would like to be able to use the knowledge and experience you have gained. You have a track record of success and the respect of your colleagues and peers.

If so, examine whether you think you would be well placed to provide recruitment services into that industry. You will probably already know, or be able to establish, whether or not your industry uses or will use professional recruitment services.

Alternately you may have a qualification in HR or recruitment and have identified professional recruitment as a desired career option.

Or you may have experience in a business to business sales role and like the idea of working with business to build their teams.


How much can I earn?

Abbertons Recruitment Consultants earn a secure base salary plus bonuses on the results they achieve. Bonuses are uncapped and we will support you in optimising overall productivity and your earning capacity.

It is important that your motivation to enter into a career in recruitment is the work rather than the just the income potential.


If at this point you strongly feel that a career in recruitment is for you, please contact Grahame Abberton on 4659 7111.

Please note:
If you have recently applied for a position with us your application will be considered in this process. You do not need to re-apply.