360 Degree Appraisals

360 degree performance appraisals (360 feedback surveys) measure employees against factors known to define top performers, and quantify their contribution to the job, their team and the organisation by surveying those around them.


They help identify and capitalise on a team member’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as highlighting areas for improvement and development, resulting in improved employee satisfaction and retention.

The Onetest Performance Perspective used by Abbertons  is an online 360 degree evaluation and development tool designed to provide robust and reliable feedback regarding an individual employee's performance.
Developed by Onetest's team of APS registered Psychologists, this advanced online multi-rater survey provides a consistent, standardised and objective method of gaining insight into employee performance by investigating the following factors:

Core job performance Achieving core performance goals and deadlines, using job specific skills and knowledge
Citizenship Performance Volunteering and demonstrating extra effort to ensure positive outcomes for the organisation
Team Citizenship Working to assist team members, and promoting cohesion and cooperation within the team
Interpersonal Skills Building trust and respect among co-workers
Innovation Developing innovative solutions to problems and introducing new ideas
Self Direction Managing their own performance and demands: working effectively without close supervision
Career Progression Developing skills and knowledge that will promote career growth
Team Fit The extent to which the employee fits in with and feels valued by their team
Role Clarity The extent to which the employee is clear about their role and the demands made of them
Job Significance The extent to which the employee feels their job is important and that they make a difference at work

As with all of Onetest’s premium survey content, normative data is provided, so you can see how your people measure up against a general comparison across a range of industries. This provides greater context to an individual’s results and their specific development needs.


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