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Abbertons Permanent Recruitment


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Permanent Recruitment Service Overview

  • Success Based Fee
    If we don't find the right person for your organisation, no recruitment fee is payable.
  • Have a shortlist of fully screened and interviewed candidates presented to you for interview
    You will have the confidence that comes with accessing the skills of a professional Talent Partner.
  • Behavioural based reference checking carried out by experienced professionals
    VERIFIED past performance and behaviour is the best predictor of future performance and behaviour.  This is a critical part of the recruitment formula .
  • Successful candidate summary report including a Behavioural Profile
    A complimentary tool to assist with effective ongoing performance and career management.
  • Assistance with remuneration negotiation
    Have access to current market intelligence about salaries and benefits and don't pay more than you have to.
  • Comprehensive follow up program
    Staying in touch with you ensures a good outcome and more information for our future work together.


We researched the reasons why new hires fall over in the first 3-6 months and developed a system to avoid these things happening in your organisation


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What You Can Expect

Each applicant will go through a rigorous selection process that is designed to identify the candidates most likely to succeed in a particular role, within your organisation.

Once we have spent some time with you understanding your business we will go away and do all the legwork required to deliver a shortlist of quality candidates to you. 

We will take many calls and negotiate with quality candidates to secure their interest and maintain it throughout the process. 

We will act in your interest to manage counter offers and some of the other factors that can lead to quality candidates being 'lost'.

You can be sure that any candidate we send to interview with you has already sat through a full interview designed to identify the candidates who meet the selection criteria we have agreed upon.  We will typically have conducted around four to six full hour long interviews in order to deliver a shortlist to you.

At appropriate stages we will also complete reference checks as well as skills and psychometric testing to add further evidence to the final decision making process.

We will then communicate with all applicants to advise the outcome of the process.




Q.   Isn't it better for me to use more than one agency?

A.   We recommend that, like any other professional service, you meet with a variety of firms and select only one to work with exclusively.  The benefits are:

  • Your consulting team build a deep knowledge about your business culture and the people who are working together in it.
  • In return for your 100% commitment, your roles will receive 100% commitment when one firm has sole responsibility for delivering a result.
  • Quality of the selection process will not suffer as it does when roles are given to multiple agencies and it degenerates in to a 'resume race'.

Q.  I have already advertised the position so is there any point in doing it again?

A.  Definitely!  If for no other reason than the fact that there are new readers of job ads every single day.  We have proven this time and time again.  Even people who claim to be actively looking for a new position have not always set up job alerts or check job boards regularly.

The second important consideration is whether your job ad has been optimised to appeal to your 'target candidate profile'.

The third consideration is placement of your advertisement.  If you have ever advertised for customers you have probably be familiar with the catch cry 'Media, Message and Frequency'.

Q.   How long will it take?

A.    A permanent recruitment process typically takes between 4 and 6 weeks.   Many of our roles are filled quicker subject to the availability of quality candidates.

Q. Isn't outsourced recruitment only for senior level roles?

A. What many organisations have found is that the costs of a 'wrong hire' of front line employees at all levels are extensive when all things are considered.  After all they are front line, operational positions which interface with customers and make small decisions that impact your business brand and bottom line on a daily basis.

For example:

  • Re-hiring and re-training.
  • Drop in team morale.
  • Reduced productivity and profitability.
  • Loss of other key employees in the process.
  • The opportunity costs of having a position vacant per week.


 Other things to consider:

  • Is the person in a role where they can WIN or LOSE business? What is the lifetime value of your clients?
  • Does this person make relationships and decisions in your business that can affect your bottom line?
  • The investment you are making in the salary/wage each year on an ongoing basis
  • The difference in $ return on investment between a bad, average and star performer

How much are you are prepared to spend to avoid the bad performer and secure the star performer?

Q.    How does the fee structure work?

A.    The Abbertons Permanent Recruitment process is typically carried out on a success fee basis which means you don't pay anything unless you make an offer which is accepted by your favoured candidate.

Q.    Is there a Guarantee?

A.    Yes - We offer a replacement guarantee on the roles we fill.  Please contact us for more detail.

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Like to know more about how we do it?.....

The objective

Our permanent recruitment and search campaigns are designed to search the market for the best talent available, identify those that best fit with your organisation and negotiate to attract them onto your team.

What makes a successful recruitment process?

To us, success is achieved by placing a skilled, enthusiastic person into an organisation where they will thrive and add value.

Why Outsource Your Recruitment?

  1. Minimising the risk of a costly wrong hiring decision.
  2. Experts to engage and manage quality candidates throughout the recruitment process.
  3. Discover the ‘best fit’ candidates who will deliver your business outcomes.
  4. Save time and focus on your core business.
  5. Access more, quality candidates in the 'Hidden' candidate market.
  6. No placement, no fee.
  7. It's Guaranteed.

What makes us different?

  • We insist that you judge us on the value and results that we deliver.
  • Our belief that people are not a commodity.  Everyone has values, needs, plans, and aspirations in life.  It's our ability to understand these things about candidates that allows us to deliver the people that will fit well into our clients' businesses.
  • Our Team - they are selected because of their innate desire and ability to commit to achieving results for you.
  • Our Systems and Processes - ensure accountability and evidence based processes through all steps of the attraction and selection process.
  • Our Performance and Customer Satisfaction Drive - Assisting you to build a competitive advantage.
  • Our Consultative/Partnership approach - Bringing best practice process to small/medium organisations.
  • Our philosophy of delivering  Transformational results rather than simply Transactional services for both clients and candidates.


Our '2 Critical Success Factors' Model


Critical Recruitment Success Factor 1

Developing a Candidate Pool

Before thinking about interviews we want to ensure that we have a healthy pool of high caliber candidates to consider.

Our experience and reach into the market, our unique database, understanding of copywriting and the use of various media channels ensure that you will have access to more, quality candidates including those who have contacted us directly to ask that we act on their behalf.

The Abbertons tailored recruitment process delivers the candidate/s most likely to succeed not only in a particular role but within a particular organisation.

Assessing ‘can do’, will do’, and ‘will fit’ factors

While Skills, Experience and Knowledge are usually readily assessable by most employers, it is often overlooking other factors such as Attitude, Life Circumstances, Motivators, Personal Goals, Workplace Expectations and Behaviours that leads to a hiring mistake.

The Tools We Use

Studies by Schmidt and Hunter show that while traditional recruitment tools employed by many businesses have a very low predictability factor, a combination of two or more of the most reliable methods will increase the predictability.

The Abbertons evidence based Recruitment System includes multiple methodologies that are proven to be linked to predicting job performance.



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