How to Go From ‘Hiring Good People’ to ‘Hiring Great People’.

How do you go from hiring good people to hiring great people?

Like anything else, identifying and recruiting the 'right' people into your business takes time, resources and specialist skills and experience.

If you are reading this post I can probably assume that you have already experienced the many different ways a great employee adds extra value to your business over and above that of a good employee.  

So understanding that, we should be asking ourselves these two questions:

  1. Do I know how to generate a pool of  'great' candidates to choose from? - Remembering that the best candidates are often 'fussy' about the jobs they apply for and less motivated to make a move so you have to motivate them to take action.
  2. How do I recognise the 'best' candidate when they are sitting in front of me?


We talk about the hiring process as having two critical success factors.  


Success Factor 1 - Developing a Candidate Pool

'Cast the net' as widely as possible creating awareness among both active and passive candidates.

  • Develop a clear and concise attraction campaign, typically in the form of an advertisement.
  • Identify appropriate distribution channels to reach both active and passive candidates eg print, online, industry publications, social networks, individual networks etc

There are several important aspects to securing the application of great candidates.  One that is often overlooked is the need to approach job ads as an exercise in lead generation NOT  qualification - that comes later.

Think of it just as you would a customer lead generation advertisement ie:

    1. Build a profile of your ideal candidate
    2. Write compelling copy that grabs their attention, creates interest, desire  and compels them to take action.


Success Factor 2 - Recognising the Candidate with the Highest Chance of Success

Adopt an objective, evidence based approach to your recruitment process.

  1. Revisit and define the outcomes this role needs to deliver.
  2. Create an outcomes focused position description that clearly outlines the expectations around the role and it's role within the organisation.
  3. Prepare a list of competencies and person specifications required to deliver the results you need and align with your business culture.  These can also be included on your position description.
  4. Look for candidates who have done what you need to be done is a similar environment.
  5. Measure all candidates objectively against your prepared list of competencies and person specifications.
  6. Use appropriate testing and assessments to add further evidence to your decision making process.


All the best and happy hiring.


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