No Excuse for Using This Word When Hiring!!

ist2_736395_stressI just finished a phone call with a friend in Brisbane who has recently applied for a new role and just received the email advising that he was unsuccessful.  There it is - that word.

If there's something that really gets my goat  it's the use of the word 'UNSUCCESSFUL' in emails to job applicants.  It competes for first place with not responding to applicants at all.  Who on earth likes or needs to be told that they are unsuccessful?  And let's face it, there are a dozen other ways to phrase it ...

"unfortunately your application has not progressed to the next stage"

"On this occasion we have appointed another candidate"

Really...anything is better than being told that you have been UNSUCCESSFUL.  

If your recruiters are using this language, what else are they doing to drive people away from your organisation?  Apologies for the rant. Enough said.

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