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Gavin Hagan, Owner of Hagan Machinery describes how his approach to hiring has changed.

"Employees are a critical part in any business.

I used to put the add in the paper and employ who I thought was a suitable person for the job.  After many disappointments I contacted Abbertons Human Resources for advice.

The team at Abbertons came out, and I must admit wandered around and asked a lot of questions.  My initial thought was, what is this all about - just send me the right person for this job.

What they were doing was getting a feel for the business culture and a job description for the position to be filled.

I have used Abbertons for many years.  Their service extends beyond just filling a position.  They follow up regularly and generally care about doing the best for us."



Adam Stewart of Financial Life says...

"I can recommend personal recruitment.

I contacted Abbertons after very unsuccessfully submitting two ads on Seek.

The value that I see personal recruitment can add for me is that I started the journey looking for a new staff member in December 2011 - I put an Ad initially on seek.  I must of spent close to 20 hours for this process and then because I was unsure of the suitability of the candidates I missed out on employing the person who I thought was most suitable (probably still not the best option).

I then went to stage two in late January where a friend of mine who had some HR experience offered to help me out, she found an ad on seek which we used and then she short listed the candidates, met with the candidates and presented two options, of which I probably spent 4-5 hours in the second round. At this point I had then invested 25-30 hours of my time, had no admin support from Dec - early Feb.  I had a holiday in the middle of this process which really gave me an extreme level of stress as I was continually thinking about it.

Then I gave up on this quest of recruiting myself and decided to pay a professional, I contacted many recruitment firms and was amazed how ordinary their responses were but I met with Nick from Abbertons and we got onto the task straight away and we advertised in the local paper and in seek and 1-2 weeks later had a short list of applicants of which I interviewed 3 of the applicants and filled the position. Having gone through this process employing personal recruitment has the following benefits:

  • Minimal stress
  • Minimal downtime
  • Fixed cost - Guarantee (if the recruitment does not work out the firm will replace them at no cost)

Really the major disadvantage of recruiting yourself is the fact that your focus is not on your business it is in filling a position."