Our Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Recruitment

Over the years we have been asked many questions about the ins and outs of our outsourced recruitment service. Here are the top 5 questions we are asked, I hope it will assist you in assessing whether or not it makes sense for us to do business together.

Q.   Isn't it better for me to use more than one agency?

A.   We recommend that, like any other professional service, you meet with a variety of firms and select only one to work with exclusively.  The benefits are:

  • Your consulting team build a deep knowledge about your business culture and the people who are working together in it.
  • In return for your 100% commitment, your roles will receive 100% commitment when one firm has sole responsibility for delivering a result.
  • Quality of the selection process will not suffer as it does when roles are given to multiple agencies and it degenerates in to a 'resume race'.

Q.   How long will it take?

A.    A permanent recruitment process typically takes between 4 and 6 weeks.   Many of our roles are filled quicker subject to the availability of quality candidates.


Q. Isn't outsourced recruitment only for senior level roles?

see video case study here on costs to hire for front line employees

A. What many organisations have found is that the costs of mishiring front line employees at all levels are extensive when all things are considered.

For example:

  • The ability of the role to WIN or Lose you business.
  • Re-hiring and re-training.
  • Drop in team morale.
  • Reduced productivity and profitability.
  • Loss of other key employees in the process.
  • The opportunity costs of having a position vacant per week.

Other things to consider:

  • Is the person in a role where they can WIN or LOSE business? What is the lifetime value of your clients?
  • Does this person make relationships and decisions in your business that can affect your bottom line?
  • The investment you are making in the salary/wage each year on an ongoing basis
  • The difference in $ return on investment between a bad, average and star performer

How much are you are prepared to spend to avoid the bad performer and secure the star performer?

Q.    How does the fee structure work?

A.    The Abbertons Permanent Recruitment process is typically carried out on a success fee basis which means you don't pay anything unless you make an offer which is accepted by your favoured candidate.

Q.    Is there a Guarantee?

A.    Yes - We offer a replacement guarantee on the roles we fill.  Please contact us for more detail.



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