Top 5 Drivers for People Relocating to Toowoomba


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One of our latest recruits for client, Downs MicroSystems, Jenny Woodside.  Jenny relocated with her 3 children from Brisbane.




As evidenced by the Suncorp Bank 'Family Friendly Index' released this week, Toowoomba's reputation for family friendly living is catching on.  We are finding an increased number of enquiries from people, like Jenny, some who have lived here before, others who know someone here or have just visited in the past.

With a low unemployment rate, quoted as 1.9 percent in the report, we are pleased  to be able to tap into this source of candidates on behalf of our clients.

So what are the Top 5 drivers for people to relocate?

Following are the top 5 reasons people tell us they want to relocate to Toowoomba.

  1. There are particular geographical areas (which very over time) people demonstrate a willingness to relocate from, usually based on economic activity such as being priced out of the housing/rental market or a lack of employment opportunities.
  2. People who have previously lived in the region, such as Jenny, seeking to return predominantly for lifestyle reasons.
  3. People who have visited the region in the past and may have family or friends living here.
  4. Opportunities in the resources sector.
  5. Change of lifestyle and a better place to raise children

Typically when people are considering a move one of the first things that has to be arranged is employment - and some are more 'active' than others.  We find that while some will be pro-active in applying for advertised roles and contacting employers directly, others will contact us for a discussion about their prospects and leave it with us to find a position for them.

If you are on the lookout for someone that has been difficult to find and you haven't already let us know, it is definitely worth a conversation.


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