What Is The Best Day To Reach Jobseekers?

Have you ever wondered what the days are to post your job ads?

The image below is an analytics report from the Abbertons job board.  As you can see, with the one exception at the end of October, traffic is lowest on the weekends and usually peaks on Tuesday/Wednesday.




The image below is a snapshot of the entire year and demonstrates a similar pattern occurs all year round.





So what does that mean?

In general terms if you want the maximum number of eyes on your ad, you are better off placing them early to mid week rather than Friday or the weekends.

Some other factors to consider include:

  • Placement habits of other employers.  Some large employers such as government agencies upload on particular days and if you post just before them your ad will be pushed further 'down the list' of search results.

Interestingly the chart below is from 2007 and shows that jobseeker search habits remain similar in terms of days of the week.



Oh yes, and this chart, also from 2007, also showed that a significant number of jobseekers were probably searching on their employers time.






So to wrap up, unless you target candidate is someone who for some reason is more likely to be searching on the weekend, it is likely that the best time to advertise is Monday night or Tuesday morning depending on the amount of posting activity in your category.



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