What to Do When The People You Want To Hire Are ‘Impossible’ to Find.

Traditional Hiring Strategies V's Talent Acquisition and Development

A local Hiring Manager commented to one of our team members recently that they are finding it impossible to find people to hire for a particular position.  They also said that they don’t have time to train people and if they do, they often leave.  Not an uncommon set of circumstances.

Like many other businesses this one is using traditional short term ‘hiring’ tactics that struggle in a talent starved market rather than  adopting long term ‘talent acquisition and development’ strategies.

Let’s look at how your favourite national or international sporting team approaches Talent acquisition and development.  They include strategies and tactics to attract young players to the game, feeder clubs, talent scouts, development squads and so on.

Why do they do this?

Because that’s what it takes to build an elite team that is nationally or globally competitive.

They choose to undertake these extensive programs despite the real risk of losing players to rival clubs or codes. They then protect their investment by setting up programs and creating a culture that players are part of and find it difficult to leave.

Here’s a relevant excerpt from the Broncos Elite Player Development Program web page:

 Reasons for implementing Brisbane Broncos LTAD Program

- It takes approximately 10 years of extensive practice to excel in anything. If potential
is to be realised, there are no short cuts.
- The nature of the growing player and maturation levels must be a central consideration
when planning and implementing programs for the player.

Competitive events such as school and club football are based on tradition instead of
scientific and technical principles. This system and the complete lack of a systemised
approach to competition will not support optimum training and performance and will
impair individual development.

Running and growing a serious business means that not only should you always be actively Recruiting for the right talent but you should consider putting in place programs to take on inexperienced but 'right fit' talent and grow them through the ‘system’.

No, they won’t all stay, however if you want to be in control over your businesses service delivery, health and growth into the future, it makes perfect sense to be investing in ‘early stage’ talent and developing them over time.

If you have programs like this in your business I would love to hear about it.


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