Writing Job Ads that Work

I dug the images below out of a file recently and it reminded me of just why we place so much emphasis on developing expertise on direct response copy writing in our business.


Ad2 Ad1

We had an occasion where a client's admin team placed an ad for the same role that we were recruiting for on his behalf.  It appeared on the same day in adjacent columns.

When the client was interviewing the candidate we had selected for him he of course asked why she didn't apply to the company advertisement.

Her reply...

"It just didn't appeal to me."

Not very helpful to him but we understand why and that is part of the reason we have been able to assist so many clients who have previously advertised but had no success.  It's not necessarily that the candidates weren't out there but their ads did not motivate them to apply.

Top Tips for Writing a compelling Job Ad

  • Create visual appeal to grab readers' attention - images can assist here.
  • Ensure the job title is clear and meaningful to your target candidate.  You may wish to use a title that is different from your internal job title if it is a little cryptic.
  • Develop some meaningful and attractive bullet points that will motivate people to read the body copy.
  • Write in a tone that is relevant to your brand and your Target Candidate.
  • Use the 'What's In It For Me' (WIIFM) principle - 'what is it', 'where is it', 'what will I do', 'why will I want to work there'.
  • Use a number of qualifiers/criteria that is relevant to the number of applications you expect - ie for a low skilled role where you might expect 100+ applications, tighten up the criteria in an attempt to reduce the number.
  • Provide clear instructions as to how to apply or find out more information.

The quality of your ad will definitely make a difference to the quality of applicants you attract. 

Have fun with it.

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How Can We Help?

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